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Odissi Dance Guru Pratibha Jena Singh

A remarkable performer and an accomplished choreographer in her own right, Pratibha Jena Singh is well-known as Guru Surendra Nath Jena's eldest daughter and foremost exponent of his style.  Being raised to carry on her father's dance tradition, she began training at the age of 5.  She has now fully imbibed the qualities of his Odissi style and has become its foremost exponent.  She has many performances and awards to her credit and made her USA debut last fall.

Pratibha is teaching full-time at Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi, a premiere Arts Academy in the capital city, since 1996, in the same classroom where her father taught from 1967-1995.  Securely grounded upon the foundation of numerous compositions created by her father, she has begun to carve out new territory for herself with original pieces such as her impressive "Kali Tandava."

To acknowledge her dexterity she was awarded the "Springhare Shyamsunder Award" for Odissi in 1995.  Recipient of an 8 year scholarship from the Government of India, for Indian Classical Dance under the Cultural Talent Search Scheme (1977 - 1985), she was also awarded a scholarship from Triveni Kala Sangam (2000 - 2001).  Training in Pakhawaj under Guru Prafulla Kumar Maharaj has added to her in-depth knowledge of the classical arts of Orissa.

ICCR, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and Doordarshan Kendra, (India's television broadcasting authority) have empanelled her.  Pratibha contributed tremendously to a film project documenting the Odissi style of Guru Surendra Nath Jena, completed in 2005-2006 by AHRC Research Centre for Cross Cultural Music and Dance Performances, Roehampton University, London, U.K.

Repeatedly invited to perform in Eastern European countries, particularly Ukraine & Russia, Pratibha has a group of dedicated students there as well as in India.  In 2009 she was invited to teach jointly with her husband, Bhumi Keshwar Singh.  You can view his work at Pratibha Sanskritik Sansthar  They were able to take their daughter Raudri as well, to Russia.  She has conducted workshops and given lecture demonstrations for Sangeet Natak Academy and in many schools for Spic Macay.

The late Shri Surendra Nath Jena (read more at www.surendranathjenaodissi.com) received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2007 in New Delhi, India.  His lifetime achievement was recognized by this highest honor for artists in India just months before he left this world!  Pratibha works diligently to continue the journey her father embarked upon.

 Pratibha Jena Singh, Odissi Dancer's USA Performance and Workshop Schedule 2008

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